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About Us

At Madonna Capital, we are dedicated to addressing the gender funding gap by offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of high-growth companies with women in leadership. Our focus is on providing access to debt and equity capital, which are essential for business growth and stability. Recognising that funding is just one piece of the puzzle, we also provide growth resources, particularly in finance and sales strategy, to ensure that our clients have the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive.


Our approach is rooted in creating meaningful connections. We bridge the gap between women entrepreneurs and a curated network of debt providers and equity investors. This network is not just about securing funds; it’s about fostering relationships with financial partners who align to the needs of your business.


We work with companies with revenue growth, proven market fit, while demonstrating potential for scalability.


Madonna Capital is a partner in growth and success, committed to empowering entrepreneurs through practical solutions, strategic resources, and valuable connections.

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We offer consulting services bespoke to the unique challenges of your business. Our expertise helps guide companies through various growth stages, ensuring your business iswell-equipped to face the complexities of realising the next phase of growth.


Finance & Fundraising

Upward Curve

Sales Strategy

Our high-calibre fractional CFO's have extensive experience with fundraising debt and equity. 

In addition to making your business fundraising-ready, our experts help increase profits, build infrastructure to enable scale, increase valuation and cashflow.  

Fundraising readiness is achieved by supporting with financial models, business plans and pitch decks, and aligning them with your funding objectives. We provide insights into investors and help navigate the process.

We also provide fractional CRO and business development services, helping to develop and implement effective sales strategies. Our goal is to enhance your sales team's performance, driving revenue growth and opening new opportunities for your business.

The Partners


Clara Probert

Clara Probert is the managing partner of Madonna Capital and a former senior banker with a wealth of experience consisting of - corporate banking, leading large technology projects, managing a £100m venture debt fund for financing tech companies, and structuring business strategies for large institutions.

This experience has provided Clara with exposure to some of the most active markets in technology, namely the UK, US & Israel. 


Clara uses her banking experience, business acumen, professional network, and industry expertise to empower our clients to realise their business vision. She has a particular focus on supporting companies with fundraising, structuring and implementing scalable propositions, and leveraging her network in the technology and finance eco-system.


Pauline Li

Pauline Li, ACA is the managing partner of Madonna Capital, with over 15 years of experience across a variety of sectors — financial institutions, luxury retail, energy, construction, and media. During her career, she has acquired firsthand experience in operating a range of business structures from start-ups, SMEs through to large listed conglomerates. 

Pauline has held senior positions in advisory and finance in KPMG to luxury brands such as Christian Dior Couture and Sisley Paris which have provided her with exposure to the APAC, North American and the UK markets.

Pauline has a particular focus on supporting companies with financial structuring, business strategy and operational excellence through her field of expertise, business acumen and professional network.

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